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What to expect from The Ashford Arms

What to expect from The Ashford Arms

The Ashford Arms is due to open in March 2024. But what can you expect?

Firstly, The Ashford Arms is part of the local, independent hospitality company Longbow Venues. Created by Rob Hattersley from Bakewell, The Ashford Arms becomes the third venue for Rob and the team who have already successfully restored The Maynard in Grindleford and The George in Hathersage.


Excellent Food & Drink


We do good food and we do it well. Our food really is special. It is excellent. That’s because we take it very seriously, starting with the way it is grown and farmed.


We support local farms, producers, suppliers and brewers because we feel it is part of our duty and place in the local economy to do so.


Also, it tastes so much better!


When you’re using vegetables that are grown on farmland only a stone’s throw away from the kitchen where it is made, it makes the transportation quick and simple. It’s the same for meat products, fish from the fishmongers in Buxton and the local breweries like Thornbridge. That freshness of the produce is captured in every bite of each dish or sip of each drink. It’s a quality thing and we won’t budge on it.


We Put People Over Profits


Many of our team have worked for large corporate companies before coming to Longbow and became increasingly frustrated that the PLCs lost their ability to be human. People’s welfare was not taken into account when having to make more and more cuts that compromised on quality.


When Rob Hattersley created Longbow Venues he vowed to do things differently and always put people over profits. By people he means you, our loyal customers, our valued suppliers and local producers and the team that become family. 


Quality will never be compromised at any Longbow venue and it will be the same at The Ashford Arms.


Our commitment to people and our values and culture have helped us win awards and be recognised for doing things differently.


Really Great Service


We teach our team to be people first. Having that humanness delivered with compassion, energy and dedication is important to us. Our service style has got to feel genuine, not forced, caring and not overbearing. 


We get this right at a foundation level by recruiting people with lovely energy and a genuine warmth in their personality. Skills, qualifications and following processes can and is taught, but people have to fit the vibe and the ethos. They have to care about you and want you to have the best time with us. They have to have passion.


We also promote internally where possible so our training is really good. We want people ti undersytand the joy of working in hospitality and understand that it can be a rewarding, viable and well paid career, not just something you do as a side hustle.


That’s why our service goes above and beyond expectation. Many of our staff are here for the long haul, looking to progress and move up in the business. This is their career, not just pocket money. So you will be taken care of. We promise.


Accessible and Available for All Occasions


We want to be the kind of place that you can use for multiple reasons and so we make it our mission to create the right ambience that makes you feel welcome, whatever the occasion.


Whether you’re walking into the bar in your walking boots with the dog at your feet, or you’re dressed up to the nines and heading ‘out out’ on a Saturday night, you will always get a warm welcome.


You could pop in with the kids when you’ve only got stuff left in the freezer (and can’t be bothered cooking), or you could arrange that chat with your best friend over coffee and cake.


Celebrate milestone birthdays with a delicious dining experience or pop in for afternoon tea and toast the occassion with a glass of fizz.


Start the day right with delicious breakfast or end the day in deep slumber in our beautiful, luxurious boutique bedrooms.

There’s something for everyone at The Ashford Arms, whether you’re a local, visitor or just passing through.


We hope you #enjoymore and make memories to last a lifetime here.

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